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Mother’s day!!

We know that the bunny is due to come and that is just next weekend, but we thought we would tell you to look at our mother’s day special!! Mom deserves to soak in the tub, and be pampered!!

Everyone loves to relax, and everyone loves to feel comforted and soothed. This wonderful bath bomb infused with 100% organic lavendar essential oils will leave you just that! This bomb is on sale for Mother’s day 2017 for $5.00 each! Afterwards, it goes back up to $6.00 per bomb.lavender_bath_bombs_white_f999e755-dd32-40e2-a46d-f5cc9f825cfb_grande

Body balms. Small travel sized tins. Made with 100% shea butter, cocoa butter and organic beeswax. They come in three amazing scents. Pink Sugar, Vanilla peppermint, and French Vanilla. Each pot is $4.00 each.


Organic shea butter from Ghana. a small mason jar of this wonderful butter goes a long way!! It is in the raw form and can be used on skin and hair. Great for beards! $15.00 per jar.

shea butter

Have you ever smelled lavendar and lemon together? It soothes the soul and helps take the toxins out of the body. Each mini bath soak is $3.00 each. Made with epsom salts and Himalayan salts.



We have a custom bath bomb sale and soap bundle sale going on!! All are registered with health Canada and ingredients approved!!

Also, we are doing mini pots of beard balm with shea butter and other healthy oils for the face and hair! they are on sale for 5.00

our bath bombs are on sale for 4.50 each for the large bombs, and for the small ones 3.50 each. All are made with avocado oil, scented oils, baking soda, epsom salts, cream of tartar, and mica colourants.


Who we are..

We are a local business in the heart of the Hammer that makes custom bath bombs, oils, and self care products that are close to nature. We don’t use any harsh chemicals (other than Lye in our home made soaps), and care what gets put on the body, and what gets flushed or sent down the drains.

All our products are registered with Health Canada, and have been approved with the utmost standards.

We do deliveries of product and are looking to get a storefront in the future. Everything we do is with high quality care and we do our own labels. We are a family run business who cares what your family gets.

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